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About us

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     Approximately 180 miles(300 Kilometers) due east of the Bulgarian capital city of Sofia, lies Sliven, a city richly steeped in Balkan tradition. Over 1300 years of recorded history is a source of pride to the Bulgarian people and to the residents of Sliven, they particularly take pride in the fact that Sliven was the birthplace of the textiles industry in all of the Balkans, over 200 years ago. Decotex , a manufacturing facility of home textiles products and a direct offshoot of that first textiles business, was fully incorporated in 1909. In 1944, a communist regime brought DECOTEX under government control. However , the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990 brought about democratic reforms in Bulgaria and DECOTEX was returned to private ownership. Today, Decotex is living testament to the rebirth of a vital, vibrant business enterprise after many years of stagnation caused by autocratic rule and hard economic times.

     Established 104 years ago, Decotex is producer of woolen and synthetic carpets, wall to wall carpets, runners, tufted rugs, all kind of mats and bath sets. Thanks to his good name , proven over time, years of experience and tradition , "Decotex" is a preferred supplier. No Bulgarian home without carpets and rugs , made ​​by us , and although bought many years ago are still perfect quality !

      Big Advantage of the company is so-called "Contract Business" - project execution orders to customers - making special custom carpets and rugs for litter of hotels, office buildings, restaurants , etc., designed specifically for your interior and tailored to your style !

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